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-- >>> i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. officers were looking for bullet casing. ktvu's christien kafton is live with what we know so far. you talked to the driver of the car that was shot out. >> reporter: i had a chance to speak with the driver. let's show you the development. you can see traffic moving now on 580. a major change from 15 minutes ago where as you said traffic has been shut down for an hour. up from chopper 2 you can see the traffic is now moving through the area. right past the 164 avenue exit. got a chance to see the bullet holes. there was a woman and 2 children were caravaning. at this time everyone is okay. just shaken up. the driver says the suspects were driving erratically weaving in and out of traffic, speeding up and slow ising down. he passed -- slowing down. he passed them and they pulled up on the side and that seemed suspicious. an interview here on ktvu channel 2 news, he says he passed the suspect vehicle and that is when they started shooting. >> they came up to me with the window down, this looks fishy. they pulled out a hand gun, i g
in the south bay. the rain is pounding the pavement. ktvu's sal castaneda is keeping an eye on traffic problems for us tonight. >> there a lot of them -- there are a lot of them. just getting down the peninsula, or driving down to san jose. these are the busiest commutes here. contra costa county, eastbound 24 is slow. so is 680 and slow traffic on highway 4. double the amount of time. people are slowing down. we had a lot of fender benders but not a lot of serious accidents. eastbound interstate 88. you can see what you are dealing with here. especially on the first day after it hasn't rained for a while. we will see a lot of slow traffic. whenever it is raining at the same time as the commute you got to know it won't be doing well. b.a.r.t. is recovering after earlier problems. b.a.r.t. has major delays. back to you. >> san francisco is bracing for the stormy weather by tackling problem spots that pop up during heavy down pours. ktvu's david stevenson is in union scare and got a look at the flood prevention efforts underway tonight. >> reporter: while people rush to get out of the rain or get
to the attack. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> governor jerry brown issues a call to action to help california get through drought crisis. ktvu's julie haener is in the news room with more. >> reporter: governor jerry brown and democrats offered a plan that will not raise taxes or fees but will often immediate relief. >> providing money for drinking water, for housing, for food and water conserving technologies. >> reporter: in all the governor prosed spending $687 million on projects to hit hard hit communities, which could run out of drinking water in 100 days. >> we worked through a grant to put a pipeline in place to deliver water from where it was located to where it was needed and we will do that throughout the state as the community comes up. >> reporter: $549 million will come from bonds. 25million from the general fund for food aid to struggling communities. other examples the money could be used for, recycled water and storm water capture projects. more technologicals for water agencies, funding -- technologies for wateragies and funding for
up inspections. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now on the recent troubles for the new bridge. last month engineers said they were rushed to complete their work and when they noticed cracked wells they say the head of the project told them not to put their concerns in writing and last year dozens of snapped rods and broken bolts had to be repaired. caltrans insists the bridge is safe. >>> now to the weather. we are in a drought emergency but the weekend storm left a lot of people happy. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin has a look at who got the most rain. >> the north bay lot of rain. measuring it in feet. 15 inches. south bay, under an inch of rain. 14-inch disparity. water shed, a ton of water. well in lake tahoe. kent field 12 inches. towards the heyward. amazing the differences in the accumulations. this is how it went. percents of average came up. down 13% of average. now 40% of average in santa rosa. 33 oakland. san jose 28% of average. i will show you what happened here, we are getting a break from the showers. the jet stream wants to s
. they doubt they will be able to keep pace for demand in the coming year. ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now at 6:00 p.m. this three-year-old's death has aneningry community taking action -- angry community taking action, the push. >> their wedding was held in secret but it rocked the nation. the impact this love story had on gays and lesbians couples across the country. >> and everyone agrees it is a dangerous crossing in san francisco. >> take your life in your own hands when you cross the street. >> the conflict over how to make van ness avenue safer. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >>> the death of three-year-old is sparking outrage tonight, there is now a push to change the way law enforcement respond to child abuse allegations. i am. >>> i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> ktvu's allie rasmus spoke to a woman who is taking action by trying to change california law. >> reporter: there is a petition through to create caylees law. they have 2400 signatures but they are hoping for more. >
>> and i am julie haener. >> at san francisco general hospital. ktvu's david stevenson is there and says even the nurses are worried. david? >> reporter: the attack is prompting nurses to speak out about work conditions as they enter contract talks with the city. >> the family of mary perez says she is recovering after being assaulted friday night at san francisco general hospital. >> doing well. getting better. you know, she is having trouble swallow because -- swallowing because of injuries. >> reporter: orin zebest was being transferred to a psychiatric unit. orin zebest ran away after restraints were removed and attacked mary perez in a room. >> closed the curtains. and he starting doing what he did. >> reporter: the hospital appalls id and said -- apologized and said he was quickly restrained by deputies. >> we are devastated about what happened. i never heard of this happening before. >> reporter: emergency room rn had his nose broken by a patient last year. >> this is zone one. like the most critical patients. we are supposed to have 8 nurses, we usually have 5.
released but they face unrelated charges that could get them 10 more years. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and our coverage continues on we put together a section on the bryan stow beating case. right on the home page. watch the video of today's hearing, including the family's statements in court. >>> only on 2, he has been a banker, a treasury official and the man behind the tarp u.s. bank bail out and now he is running for governor of california. we sit down with him. she hoping to win the nomination and unseat governor jerry brown in the election. ktvu's jana katsuyama is attaches state university where he is about to -- san jose state university university where he is about to sit down. >> reporter: that will happen at 7:00 p.m. he never run for office so we wanted to find out why he thinks somebody who is pro choice, and who voted for president obama in 2008 can win the gop nomination. >> reporter: 40 years old, born in ohio, he is hoping to become the new face of a different kind of california republican party. >> i am libertarian. i want the government out of
elementary school. ktvu's claudine wong joins us live with what she saw on campus and what the district plans to do about it. >> reporter: parents were frustrated about how much superviz there is, site -- supervision there siting a lack of response from officials. 2 investigated and tonight the district agreed more needs to be done. >> reporter: a question of supervision. we talked to more than one parent who said there is not enough. >> i would say 5 to 6 fight as week. we have videos of one girl being jumped by 10 kids. boys and girls. >> we obtained video of the fight, it was from december. one girl goes to the ground and gets kicked and as far as we could see there were no adults tornado stop it. >> who is taking the video? >> the kids. and they are floating every kid in the school had them and shown me what is going on. >> reporter: that video was taken here on the back side of the elementary school. we watched recess and saw a lot of kids. for a while we didn't see any adults. no one stopped these two kids from climbing up and over a dugout fence. the principal did ev
be starting to feel sick now. debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> once again here are the systems of measles. they begin 7 to 14 days after a person is infected. rash, fever, cough, running those, red watery eyes and achy and tiny white spots inside the mouth. >>> private security guard shot a burglary suspect today near 4,000 water house road below highway 13. ktvu's ann rubin has been on the story all day. even though the guards carry weapons they are not supposed to make arrests? >> reporter: they are supposed to observe and report but after witnessing a burglary in progress here this guard took action. >> reporter: it was a burglary in progress. a private security guard spotted thieves making off with tvs and other things. according to police the security guard followed one of them. the burglar confronted him. his supervisors say the guard tried to pupper spray the man who -- pepper spray the man and then he lunged at the security guard with a screwdriver. >> firing when shot striking the subject. >> reporter: that man in his teens was struck in the league. police believe anot
stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and another look now from -- actually, we will get to that in a moment. we have more information on >> we have a slide show of photos and video. this was posted on facebook. he worked across the street from where the fire started. you could see the fire from the san mateo bridge. again, you can see all the photos and video by going to >>> now to the weather. boy, it was spectacular today but big changes are in store, a storm is on the way. our chief meteorologist is here now. >> we have rain in the forecast. it shows up towards wednesday. wednesday afternoon. but it is encouraging. after a weekend of warm day time highs, i got this system that looks like a real weather system. we will see wind, rain and snow and another one behind it. this wants to push into the bay area wednesday afternoon. it will have anime pact on your -- im-- an impact on your commute. tomorrow night live storm tractor will show green. it will move in to the north portion of the state. we will talk about that and we will talk about the record high today,
and millions of dollars in fines. ktvu's david stevenson broke the story this morning and has been following the investigation. david is here now with what he learned. >> reporter: this federal investigation is stretched out for three years and today we were the first to learn of the specific charges and the specific officers involved. >> reporter: ktvu brock the news of the -- broke the news of the indictments of san francisco police officers on charges of civil rights violations and corruption. >> this is a serious matter of misconduct as i can recall in my time in the immediate. >> reporter: officer arshad razzak, officer richard yick and officer raul eric elias, sergeant ian furminger, officer edmond robles and complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis are charge -- and officer vargas are charged. charges range from extortion to theft to drug description. >> public corruption work is important to the fbi. >> reporter: the investigation began in 2011 after he brought the tapes to light. >> they were going into the rooms without warnants. they were stealing -- warrants. they were
, they are available anytime we are off the air on our ktvu weather app. >>> the roadways. a live look on highway 17. you can tell it is dark at the summit in the mountains. a lot of fog, light rain. drivers have their headlights on and it is slow going. the traffic is so bad we called in sal castaneda for an extra sift. tell us where the real problem areas are. >> reporter: wherever it is raining is where traffic slows the most. you heard bill say in san francisco, heaviest in the south bay. pictures. our camera might be wet in san francisco. we will show it to you. traffic is busy here. tilting down to show us how busy it is. something going on on the shoulder. eastbound traffic is slow. windy as well. to san francisco. this might be a tough thing to see, 101 in san francisco, if we could go to the camera. you can see how the traffic is slow. camera is wet. you can tell what is going on. very slow through san francisco. as we look at the bay area, all the red, we had a lot of slow traffic and lot of incidents, too much to go into detail but the grade is also slow and contra costa county, 680. one
an beast aschool for one of the victims that was just the start of the problem. ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00 is next. >>> president obama comes to california with an action plan for drought relief. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. the president and air force one arrived in fresno at 2:40 this afternoon for a visit to the drought-stricken central valley. the president met with farmers and offered up a massive relief plan. ktvu's ken has been monitoring the president's trip from our news room. ken, how might this help farmers? >> well, this money will help narmers, ranchers and ag workers cope with the impacts of the drought. more than $180 million in federal aid. now, president obama said he came to the central valley to listen in an area vital to the country. the president took marine one for a chopper flight ot dry, dusty ag field ner the merced county town. there he toured a farm and met with agriculture leaders and farm worker representatives. he also met with governor brown at california senator's diane feistein and barbara boxer who have drought legislation move through congre
to remember most about him. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. governor jerry brown released a statement extending his condolences to family, friends and colleagues, saying we join all californians in honor these officers for their courage, commitment and service and flags will be flown at half- staff in their oner. the other -- honor. the other officer also worked out of the oakland office, at 5:30 p.m. what he is saying about his friend and why he wanted to move to fresno. >>> homicide case in martinez. we have been reporting this woman is accused of murder but tonight we know it is her mother she is accused of killing. ktvu's allie rasmus spoke with police this afternoon and officers say she flat out admitted to them she did it. >> reporter: that's right. we learned the victim is 74 years old, her daughter is accused of murdering her. while police won't tell us how she was killed we know how they found out about it. the 53-year-old called police yesterday afternoon and told them over the phone she killed her mother and wanted to turn herself in. police found the b
, however they face unrelated charges that could get them 10 more years. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> inside the courtroom as you saw it was emotional and we have a lot more of bryan stow's family's coms and the judge coming down on the two men. watch it all on >>> developing now, two workers tumbled 30 to 40 feet down when scaffolding collapsed. a building that is under construction at 350 mission street. ktvu's david stevenson rushed to the scene and here now, what happened? >> reporter: two carpenters are in life threatening condition after the scaffolding tipped over and in the last hour we learned more about what happened in the moments before they were injured. news chopper 2 was on the scene minutes after the accident. this is the site of a new 30 story tower being built. the contractor tells us the men were on a vertical form. one man was 40 feet up, the other 30 feet up. we are told moments after it was tilted into place by a crane it tipped over. both men were secured by a safety harness but both severely injured. a construction worker described what he saw
't included and how that could take the penalty off the table. live in napa, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> in san francisco, a man was hit and killed by a car today on the same day that the city was holding hearings on a new safety initiative for pedestrians. police say the man was crossing sunset boulevard near yorba street late this morning when he was struck and the impact was horrible. ktvu's david stevenson has been there all day and david, there is a crosswalk nearby. >> reporter: that's right. i just gathered new information, they identified the victim at 78-year-old, isaac of san francisco. the accident took place on the boulevard just below me and quickly became a large crime scene. the calls came into san francisco's police and fire departments at 11:00 a.m. this toyota corolla struck and killed a pedestrian on sunset boulevard. the impact wedging the victim's body in the windshield and knocking the shoes off his feet. >> it's horrible, an innocent person taken. very sad. >> police describe the victim as an adult male, three women, a driver and two passengers were take
information and bring that to you on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a major source of confusion in the case was the license plate of the car police were searching for. when police tracked it it lead to an suv across the country. we have a crew looking into how that plate could have made its way tocalifornia -- to california, that is coming up. >>> prosecutors want college student kept in custody in pennsylvania while he awaits charges on bomb charges. he was arrested after police looking for marijuana found explosives in his apartment. prosecutor he is a flight risk if he is released on bail. the teen is on probation for burglary related charges in california. the attorney said the explosives were for kicks. not meant to harm anyone. >>> another water agency is asking people to conserve today. ktvu's john fowler is in contra costa county and tells us the problem is all the wet weather have some folks thinking the drought is over. john? >> reporter: this is the contra costa county water district. half a million customers are using w
safe. ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00 is next. >>> compleetd bay area news coverage start ts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00. >> one officer got a start with chp, the other with chp in san jose. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. tonight we know the names of two chp officers killed today in a crash in fresno county. 33-year-old juan gonzales was driving. 34 greerld bryan law was his partner. the men were good friends. they had attended training together and served with the highway patrol since 2008. the officers were responding to reports of a crash early today on highway 99 near kingsberg about 20 miles south of fresno. the chp says they were trying to avoid someone involved in that crash when they lost control of their vehicle. it hit a guardrail and flipped. >> both officers received fatal injuries instantaneously as a result of the collision. >> investigators said that both officers were wearing seat belts. the chp says it's standard procedure for two offices to ride together on the overnight shift. ktvu's christina rendon live in san jose. she's been learning more a
to bay area homes. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >>> caltrans admits the new eastern span in the bay bridge has its flaws, but tonight officials insist it is safe enough to with stand an earthquake. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. ktvu sat down exclusively today with the chief engineer of the new bay bridge to discuss the criticisms surrounding the eastern span. today, caltrans admitted some welds may suffer damage in an earthquake, that the alignment of some sections of the bridge are off by as much as 8 millimeters, and that a third of the bolts on the bridge have become wet because of leaks. only on 2 tonight, ktvu's tom vavar speaks to the bridge's chief engineer about what all of this means and what critics are saying about that. tom. >> well, the chief has called -- his name is bryan mahoney. he's been at this a long time. in fact, he's been with the replacement project since the quake damaged the original bridge a quarter century ago. >> caltrans chief bridge engineer says though many bridge criti
, in san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> they are looking for who is responsible for shooting a 19- year-old man outside of a popular mall. here is reaction from shoppers who were there and new information we are learning from police, good afternoon, brian? >> i just got an e-mail update about 45 minutes ago and they say the 19-year-old victim who was involved in the shooting will recover and he's currently recovering at a nearby hospital. we are visibly shaken up and again the shooting happened last night just around 7:00 outside of the front doors, the westfield shopping mall here on mark kept street, the victim was targeted but it is clear they led up to the shooting the victim was found near the bottom of the shares before authorities arrived. san francisco police are combing over male surveillance video and they believe the gunman fled on foot. we spoke with the family visiting last night and here to describe the absolute chaos moments after the shooting. >> all of a sudden we hear, pop, pop bang and saw people running and scrambling, everybody gets down on
and street lights after a big rig slammed into them early today. ktvu's janine de la vega has been on the scene all morning and joins us live from san jose to let us know when the street is expected to open to traffic. good afternoon, janine. >> reporter: good afternoon. electricians are working right now to try to get these traffic lights up and running here on stevens creek near the 880 ramps. this is a very busy intersection near the mall and santana row. we're hearing it could stay closed until at least 5:00 tonight. the accident started at 6:30, a caravan of big rigs was hauling portable classrooms. one of them hit power lines attached to street lights. live wires were strewn near the on and offramps of 880 along stevens creek. it was frightening for the driver behind. >> we weren't expecting trouble. all of the other trucks exactly the same height as this one went through the intersection no problem. all of a sudden, there was a loud crash and the telephone pole and the lights came out into the intersection and made a big mess. >> reporter: police immediately shut down steven
amendment. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco with the impact of striking out the two words from state law. david? >> reporter: lawyers are analyzing the ruling to see what it means for san francisco but for now advocates are claiming a victory. >> reporter: in a decision a court of appeals in san francisco ruled california must allah citizen -- allow citizens to carry concealed weapons. a challenge the national restaurant association brought against san diego county. californians must show good cause to obtain a concealed weapons permit. >> we looked at san diego's policy and determined it was setting a barrier that was unconstitutionally high. our position was understand the second amendment you can't require a special need. good cause is satisfied if you just if you want up a permit to defend yourself. >> it is disappointing. in california we will seek to appeal that decision. in san francisco where we have a objective process that takes the applicant into consideration it won't change our process. >> reporter: lawyers say it detours criminals from committing violence. >>
. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. we are on storm watch this morning. looking at a little puddle in petaluma. steve paulson may be rolling his eyes over there but we are excited for any rain because it really is we all know we are in a drought. it has been a very dry winter. it's good to have rain move into the bay area and it already is. and you should know as you get ready for your morning commute that steve says it could be a bad evening commute. so make plans ahead of time. here's what it looks like in palo alto as they get ready for sliding down -- flooding down there. we will check in with our reporters all over the bay area this morning. it is wednesday, february 26th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we're ready. let's check weather and traffic. steve is right over there. >>> i was just looking at you not rolling my eyes. [ laughter ] we do have light rain. . couple reports coming in. concord, clayton, maybe where you are. the heavy rain is just getting closer to offshore. wet weather is on the way. cloudy, light rain in t
allowed, but neighbors say dogs run wild and no one is around to enforce it. ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00 is next. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00. >> it won't end the drought, but rain is on the way. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. we're back on storm watch tonight as a round of much-needed rain moves toward the bay area. these pictures are from 90 minutes ago. before dark you can see clouds gathering. the rain is expected to arrive in the morning. meteorologist rosemary is in our weather center tracking that storm. >> gasia, for most of us the transition began today. it was a lot cooler out there, cloudier. a little breezy. you could see mostly cloudy skies. storm tracker 2 showing you that over the bay area. i back it up here. we have the storm in site. it will be with us for tomorrow. i want to give you a quick timeline here. as we get going tomorrow morning, we're mainly dry. perhaps a little bit of drizzle with rain still offshore. by 8:00, 9:00 or so it's moving into north bay as well as the central bay. we'll dea
in this case. we're live this afternoon in downtown oakland, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. thank you, alex. >>> san jose police arrested a man this morning identified by witnesses as the suspect in a fatal stabbing. police say the incident began with an argument inside the johnny vi's bar on east santa clara street before 1:30. they say the men took their dispute outside. that's when one of the men got stabbed. there were many witnesses and some pointed him out to officers who took him into custody. >> there may have been alcohol involved. we don't know the relationship between the parties. >> reporter: gang-related? >> it does not appear to be. >> reporter: there's no word yet on whether the two men knew each other or what the argument was about. police have not released any names but they say the men appear to be in their 20s. >>> san francisco police have arrested a driver for hitting and killing a pedestrian this morning in what is now the fourth pedestrian fatality in the city this year. it happened on van ness avenue and pacific around 1:00 this morning. the force of
a son and kept very much to himself. i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a mass gain break near -- main break near at&t park forced the evacuation of hundreds of people this morning. it happened on south park street near third street while crews were working. tara moriarty joins us live to tell us the surprising way the line was busted. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: well, good afternoon. the line is around the corner down the sidewalk here. they've already patched it up. but police say that one of the construction workers was actually walking backing up when his foot hit the shustoff valve and -- shutoff valve and bent it. police told hundreds of people to get out or get inside. >> you guys go inside. >> reporter: the odor was unmisache tabl. >> coming down -- unmistakable. >> reporter: coming down second street, you could get a whiff of the gas. it wasn't very strong. construction workers smelled it. >> a very loud song line a jet. >> reporter: this man works next door at the buffler and the chef -- butler and the chef restaurant. >> a major broken line and to evacuate the
area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >>> we see it in our e-mail groups, we talk to our neighbors. it's happening. >> east bay residents taking matters into their own hands after a surge in crime in their neighborhoods. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. residents of an oakland neighborhood say they've had enough of crime and are fighting back without the help of police. today they launched a door to door plea for prooeft security in their neighborhood. only on ktvu, christina spent the day and joins us now from oakland headquarters. christina. >> we can tell you there are 51 police officer positions not filled. because of that, this oakland neighborhood group is taking matters into its own hands. >> hi, i'm your neighbor. >> hello. >> a friendly visit by neighbors is the start of a new association committed to protecting residents in the lincoln highlands area of oefk land's diamond district. the group is going door to door. >> hi. >> hi, you're about the neighborhood watch? >> i am. >> trying to get 100 people
. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 7:00. >>> a flurry of calls to police today reporting a student with a gun. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. officers responded and made an arrest near vallejo high. that gun turned out to be a pel let gun, all of it reminiscent of a similar incident with a far different outcome. our top story at 7:00. ktvu live inlejo where police say toy guns or replica pellet guns can create lethal incident. >> as this 14-year-old student was on his way to vallejo high school. >> two guns, the one pictured on top is a pellet gun carried by the teen. the one on bottom is semiautomatic.45 caliber handgun vallejo police use. >> when you compare both, this to that, they virtually look the same. >> which is why several parents and concerned citizens driving near vallejo high school this morning took notice when they saw a 14-year-old student walking near campus carrying the weapon. it's a toy gun. it shoots pellets, not bullets, but for parents we talked to, that distinction doesn't matter. >> if you saw something like that, someone carrying that -- >> i would assume it was real.
fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details now. why the storm brought heavy rains reservoirs are still lacking. reservoirs are still at 60%. in the south bay, 31%. >> our chief meteorologist is here now with the rain totals. there was a wide range here. >> there was. let's look at the numbers. 15, 20 inches of rain. look what happened here in the -- in the distribution. k-field, a foot of rain. hayward, 7/10 of rain. huge disparity in three day rain totals. we have seen major rain totals along the coast. where the reservoirs are not that much rain was falling. that was the issue. shows 8/10. -- san jose, 8/10. last july 10%, 12% average. 40% of average in santa rosa. 40% in san francisco. this timef year, 40% is -- time of year, 40% of average is tough to make up. it is tuff. when i come back we will look at the next opportunity for showers into the five-day forecast and how warm it will get. it will heat up. >> the storm led to downed trees. look at what happened. a old okay tree slammed into building. ktvu's -- oak tree slammed into a building. ktvu's cristina rendon and to the man w
haener. we're on storm watch tonight, and our first stop is the ktvu weather center, and chief meteorologist bill martin. >> we've got rainfall out there right now. live stormtracker 2 is showing rain, and showers throughout the bay area. we've even had a few thunder showers reported. i'm tracking this area right now on near the richmond bridge. this is a nice looking cell moving through richmond, and toward hercules. we can stick a track on it. as they thing moves off, the going to move through the districts of crockett in the next 32 minutes. vallejo in the next 40 minutes or so. not going to see any thunder from this one, but definitely seeing heavy rain in these cells. you're going to see more rain in san francisco. as we work our way toward san bruno, more showers. this was just the first in a series of storms. number 2 is going to be here as well, and is going to play havoc on the commutes as well. we also have showers back in the forecast for tomorrow. so when i come back, i'll have all the complete details, we'll get you covered then. >>> our team coverage continues wi
way to go. >> thank you, bill. >>> on we have created a special section on the california drought. look for the link on our front page right under hot topics. >>> new video tonight on a two alarm fire in san francisco that damaged three homes. the fire started at 6:15 on shafter avenue. a fire department spokesperson told me she got 25%s to control the fire which spread quickly from one home to two other homes on either side one of those homes suffered significant damage. the other only suffered minor damage. homeowners say there were no injuries and there's no word yet what started the fire. >>> an alert from the coast guard that a ship's anchor had hit bottom near the tube. the coast guard tells ktvu it is investigating. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live now at treasure island with a look at what happened and how the tube is protected, jana. >> reporter: julie the transbay two runs just south of the bay bridge behind me. what i've learned tonight is that it is not uncommon for anchors to scrape bottom near the tube. tonight b.a.r.t. trains ran through the transbay two nonsto
weather on our day-to- day lives and on the drought. we start with ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin and a look at where things stand right now, bill. >> reporter: heavy rain moves through the bay area just in time for the afternoon commute. take a look at the movement, we'll go into the current radar imagine. you can see the showers now widely scattered but they're there. check out the rain accumulations for the last few hours. i've seen over two inches of rain. up there in the mount watershed nearly 3-inches of rain has fallen. here's what's going on. that's system number one and this is system number two and kind of number three. this whole plume of moisture moving boo -- into the bay area this weekend. this rainfall is going to triple, even quadruple the water we have. >>> and the rain created a big problem for the afternoon commute. people driving home were caught in back ups. >> reporter: now the highway patrol tells us the friday evening commute is always busy but today's rainfall just adds more headaches for drivers. a common mistake driving in the rain. windshield wipers ar
pedestrian accident. this time a cement truck. witnesses tell us it was a scary sight. ktvu's amber lee is live at the intersection of california and filmore streets where it's usually a busy place with people crossing the street. >> reporter: this is a busy spot for both foot and vehicle traffic. a woman was struck just steps outside the crosswalk where you see the street lights are. the driver of this cement truck tells police he never saw the woman he struck. witnesses say another driver saw the woman walk in front of the truck and yelled for the truck to stop. >> she was pinned under the first wheel. on the drive's side. >> reporter: the pedestrian was described as being an asian woman with gray spikey hair. police tell me she may have been in her 90s. >> when they heard her she was talking. from what i could see she was talking. >> reporter: police say she underwent surgery at san francisco general and is in critical condition with life threatening injuries. they have not released her identity. the truck driver declined to answer my questions but did tell me he hope she is will re
. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news, on ktvu channel 2. >>> from slick roadways to mudslides to flash flood warnings a heavy winter storm takes aim at the bay area and it's not over yet. evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. it was certainly a day full of lots of rain for most of the bay area. this is the scene as one of owe crews drove across the richmond- san rafael bridge. the downpour and high winds making it dyst to see the roadway. >> it made for slick and dangerous driving conditions. our crews saw several accidents including in one in richmond, where an suv rolled over. >> as san rafael employees athis gym on 4th street spent the date cleaning up after water flooded the business, overrunning the drainage system and sending water into the building. >> ktvu's patti lee and debora villone are out in the elements for us. >> we begin where meteorologist mark tamayo has new information on the flash flood warnings. >> the rain fall rates continue to be on the increase and as a result the weather service issuing that flash f
. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> some much-needed rain is making a return to the bay area bush it's not anywhere the amount that we need and the storm is not sticking around for long good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello everyone i'm heather holmes. we're on stormwatch tonight as rainy weather returns to barack. want to give you a live look at our stormtracker radar and some green in the bay area, but again this system is going to be moving out soon. >> windshield wipers were hard at work in marin county. tonight's scattered showers were largely confined to the north bay and other parts the bay area may get wet later on tonight. >> we have team camera with ktvu's john sasaki. >>> we begin with our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> most of the bay area pick up no more than a few sprinkles excepts pars of the north bay, picking up clouds and light to moderate cells out there. as you can see some of the neighborhoods up towards bodega bay, windsor and sebastopol. we're talking about amounts over an inch or several
krueger and ryan warner will be back in court next month. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we've been digging for information on this story ever since it first broke, and we've posted much of our work on our web site you can also read the criminal complaint there in its entirety. >>> everyone's storm watch tonight. we'll start with a live look outside. it is cloudy over the bay tonight. this is from our camera? emeryville look out toward the city. the transition to cooler weather has begun and a storm is brewing off the california coast. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking that storm and has the timing on when the rain is expected to start. bill. >> that's right, gasia. we need the rain. this is a good storm coming in. actually, it's more than one storm. it's a couple. here's no. 1 sitting right here. that shows up tomorrow. here's no. 2 sitting out behind it. that shows up on friday. we're coming a little closer. you can see the clouds thickening up. if i pull up the radar sweeps right now, two ray dors going, two dopplers. you see a little bit of moistening up in the a
will have a look at what you can expect for today and the week ahead coming up. >>> now let's go to ktvu's alex savage that joins us in the north bay for a look at the clean-up after the storm. what does this mean for drought conditions? alex? >> reporter: san anselmo creek flowing nicely. following several straight days of rain in marin county, made all the difference. other creeks nearly overflowed yesterday. this was cell phone video by a woman who works in one area. most areas of marin county picked up a foot or more of rain over the weekend, 20 inches of rain fell over mount tatapais. the storm increased water and storming by 10,000 acre feet, that is a 13% jump. one district board members talked to us a few minutes ago but how much this rainstorm will help with the water shortage. she says several more storms like this one are needed. how much does an event like this lessen the likelihood of mandatory water rationing? >> i don't want to speculate. you have additional water in storage, it will make a difference. >> reporter: there were some problems in the north bay and marin county
children. and both men had ties to the bay area. ktvu's claudine wong is live where officer brian law began his law enforcement career. >> reporter: there are 90 officers here in this office and most of them did know officer brian law, even though he was based in fresno he started his career at this office. he was an officer, husband and father and to the chp family he was their brother. >> reporter: he remembers beating brian law. he was out of the academy, the new guy and brian law welcomed him. >> he was one of the first people i met. he was on the same shift i was on. he was a great guy. always there to help you out. even as the new guy. he would help you out. >> reporter: he says brian law was just that kind of guy. warm and easy going. brian law graduated in 2008 and worked that office for 5 years before transferring to fresno. >> family man and he wanted to be closer to his family. that was why he left. >> reporter: law was working with juan gonzalez a classmate on the grave yard shift when the accident happened. and while it may have happened miles away this hits home in oakland. >>
. >>> and a pole slams into the east bay. ktvu newschopper2 was above the scene to show you this tangled mess. >>> good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. governor jerry brown plans to announce new emergency drought legislation about two hours from now. brown accompanied president obama on his tour of drought- stricken farms into necessary fro last friday. at 2:00, the governor is scheduled to join the assembly speaker and senate president pro tem to announce $650 million in aid for california. the money would come from unspent bond money and pay for water conservation and recycling projects. the governor declared a drought emergency and asked all californians to reduce their water usage by 20%. >>> we have developing news in pinole where it was a close call for a homeowner there. newschopper2 was just over the scene at a state's avenue near ramona street. the dump truck apparently lost its brakes on the hill. this was about 90 minutes ago. pinole fire said the truck hit another vehicle, then ran into a light pole. as you can see, it nearly smashed into that house. fortunately we don't have any wo
, david. ktvu for more coverage. >> we've created a slide show of today's images. >>> until just the past hour doctors in palo alto wrapped up a news conference on ate status of a rare illness paralyzed children here. the children who contracted it will not fully recover. that's the case with one local girl. the infectious disease says children are vulnerable to a virus. typically causes most minor symptoms but can become par liesing. she's still recovering. her left arm is par lied. when she first became ill they thought it was asthma. >> we did not realize what we were in store for. that her arm that she actually had a spinal cord inflation and her arm would be perm intentionally par lied. >> in the last two years two dozen in california had these symptoms. >>> there's a new flu death being reported. health officials reported the latest fatality. at least 278 deaths have been reported statewide. >>> set to vote this week on another toll hike. tom reports it is all but certain a toll will increase by $1 in a matter of weeks. >> the first increase on april 7. >> if the committee approves
investigation tonight at 5:00. sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. >>> and this just in, governor jerry brown announced he is running for re-election. he just announced this minutes ago. he broke the announcement on twitter. his campaign later released a statement touting his successes. >>> more rain is on the way for the bay area. but take a look from this live picture in oakland. as you can see, it's partly sunny right now. still quite a bit of blue sky there. however, it won't stay that way. rain will soon be back. mark tamayo is here with how much rain we've already received and when we can expect the next storm. >> storm one was a productive one across a good portion of the bay area, especially last night into early this morning. it's been a very productive month in terms of terms in northern california and rainfall. the most recent one you can see the totals adding up in the north bha and san rafael. 1.86 inches. that's from yesterday right on through early this morning. san francisco nearly an inch. san jose .69 and hayward nearly an inch of rain. we'll be adding
the roads will be a mess. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is live in san francisco this morning. tara. >> reporter: the high winds and saturated ground made it easy for this tree to topple overnight here in the sunset district. as you take a look you can see how wet it got. it snapped right off. also it came within inches of the car right over there. and it is completely blocking 37th avenue here at lincoln. th roads have been a mess pretty much since the rain started. lots of pedals and slippery conditions. this crash happened around 2:30 this morning in the portola district. the driver lost control. slid up on the sidewalk against a building. luckily no one was hurt. on 18th and harrison a car spun out. police have not told us the cause of the accident but obviously the roads are wet. also this morning a car crash on 280 no one hurt in that incident but woman lanes were block -- but two lanes were blocked for awhile. give yourself enough braking distance and make sure your tires and windshield wipers are in good condition. many crews are working on chopping up this tree and getting
right now. at least one driver trapped. we just talked to the victim and ktvu janine de la vega will have a live report from the rescue scene. >> a tree down until san francisco. similar scenes expected all over the bay area. the big problems we are already seeing because of this storm. >> one person is dead after a truck slams into a power pole in pittsburgh early this morning. we will show you the unusual response by police after this accident. the ktvu channel 2 morning news starts right now. >>> good morning. we want to take you live to san francisco this morning. the tree we showed you that was down at 4:30 this morning. the good news is it has been cleared. just the beginning of some problems around the bay area. rain everywhere. a lot of flooding. airports effected as well. it's definitely the big story this morning. it is friday, february 28th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. we will quickly go to steve paulson. we have a lot to talk about. >> i do. >> yeah i know you do. >> i know you do as well. we have systems coming through. this is going to be now the
will catch on. in fremont, mike ktvu channel 2 news. >> the san francisco public utilities commission today asked customers to voluntarily reduce their water usage by 10%. the system which supplies water to san francisco as well as parts of san mateo, santa clara and alameda counties is on track to receive the lowest amount of snow and rain ever recorded and the puc says mandatory cuts could be just around the corner. >>> we have more drought coverage on our web site just look for the link in our hot topics section. >>> first lady michelle obama wrapped up her two-day fund raising visit to san francisco this afternoon, and we got these pictures of the first lady's motorcade at the fairmont hotel this morning. she joined house minority leader nancy pelosi at a function to raise money. first lady attended two fundraisers in san francisco yesterday, but she had no public events on her schedule. >>> new at 7:00, it's closing day for about a dozen marijuana clubs in san jose. a new zoning ordinance requires them to shut down because they operate too close to home, but not everyone is c
. our ktvu viewers are giving us a better idea of how much snow fell. we've got pretty good pictures. this first one was taken bey charles that shows a vineyard there in lake county. they got some real snow there. you can see all of it on the ground. now let's go to the south bay. christie posted this picture on our facebook page. this was taken west of gilroy in the hills. it wasn't just people enjoying the snow. julie sent thus picture of her two dogs there covered in snow and enjoying a game of fetch. stay with ktvu for continuing storm watch coverage on air, on- line, and on your mobile device. you can get ktvu weather information any time. >>> celebrations in the streets of seattle after the seahawks dominating win over the denver broncos in super bowl xlviii. the celebration quickly got out of hand near downtown seattle. within minutes of the seahawks win, fans set a mattress and other trash on far not far from pike place markets. you can see hundreds of people surrounding the flames. as for the game, from the very start it was all seattle. they scored on the second play and ne
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